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    Cooking delicious and at the same time healthy dishes can sometimes become a time-consuming task in the hectic everyday life. Pressure cookers can be of great help when cooking time is short.

    Saves time and energy

    But pressure cookers are also a sensible purchase when it comes to the increasingly important topic of "saving energy". Thanks to the shorter cooking times, you can make significant savings on electricity and gas. So you save time and money. So a pressure cooker pays off twice!

    This is how a pressure cooker works

    The secret of the pressure cooker is its tightly sealed cooking chamber. The controlled increase in pressure inside raises the boiling point of the water. It can therefore be heated to well over 100°C without boiling. Due to the higher temperature, the food cooks much faster.

    To avoid dangerously high overpressure, the valve on the pressure cooker releases excess pressure and steam in a controlled manner. A slight "hissing" or "sizzling" sound is therefore completely normal when operating a pressure cooker.

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