stainless steel pots

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    Pots made of stainless steel are the modern classic in the kitchen. Pots made of stainless steel are very easy to care for and lighter than, for example, the enamelled steel pots that were widespread in the past. Stainless steel pots usually have thermal bases (usually capsule bases) with an aluminum core. As a result, the bottom of the pot heats up particularly quickly and evenly and has good heat storage. A base capsule made of a special, ferromagnetic stainless steel alloy also makes most stainless steel pots suitable for induction.

    Special case multi-layer pots (3-ply / 5-ply)

    Pots made of multi-layer material combine the best of two (pan) worlds: the optimal heat conduction of aluminum and the robustness of stainless steel. During production, two stainless steel sheets are inseparably connected to a central aluminum sheet. The pots made from it have a continuous, evenly high wall thickness. Inside and outside, robust stainless steel ensures an elegant appearance, robustness and easy care. In the middle, the aluminum guarantees perfect heat distribution throughout the cookware right up to the edge.

    34 products
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