Cuisine idéale Sabatier Dég

Cuisine idéale Sabatier Dég

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    Déglon Cuisine Idéale Sabatier Dég - The Sabatier, a classic of fine dining

    The Auvergne cutlery town of Thiers, where Déglon is also based, was once home to two extended families called the Sabatier. One of the two, one can no longer say which one, began with the manufacture of forged knives with a rounded bolster. The "Sabatier knife" quickly became the favorite knife of many chefs due to its ease of use and thus gained worldwide fame.

    The Sabatier Dég knives from Déglon's Cuisine Idéale collection continue this tradition in an excellent way and convince with a well thought-out design, excellent handling and optimal sharpness.

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