NEW: Cast iron pans from BEKA

Pure cast iron without any coating: environmentally friendly, robust, durable.

With the Stark collection, Beka enters the territory of classic, raw, i.e. unenameled cast iron pans, as they have become indispensable in the Scandinavian kitchen. Stark cast iron pans are an expression of healthy cooking without any artificial coatings using a durable and natural material.

Already pre-seasoned

To get started right away, Stark cast iron pans have already been pre-seasoned with vegetable oil at the factory. So the foundation for a beautiful patina that will continue to improve frying properties over time has already been laid.

Perfect also for induction, oven and grill

Stark cast iron pans are suitable for all types of stoves and also work perfectly on induction hobs. The elegant stainless steel handle is permanently riveted, remains pleasantly cool when used on the stove and also allows the pan to be used in the oven or on the grill without any problems.