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    Fondue, an ideal dish for social gatherings. If meat, fish or vegetables are to be cooked, a fondue with broth or fat is recommended.

    The Asian fondue with broth (also often referred to as hot pot in Chinese restaurants) is a very low-fat preparation method. Since the broth only heats up to a maximum of 100°C, raw ingredients should be cut very thinly in order to cook quickly enough.

    The classic fondue with hot fat cooks the ingredients much faster. Only use high-heat fat, i.e. no butter, no native olive or rapeseed oil. Sunflower oil or frying fat, on the other hand, are well suited.

    With the classic cheese fondue, cheese and white wine are warmed up over a gentle heat. Once the cheese has melted, you're good to go. Pieces of bread or cooked potato cubes can now be dipped into the melted cheese and wine mixture.

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